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Professor. Journalist. Traveler.

My mission at Virginia Commonwealth University is to prepare the next generation of news professionals – the thought leaders and innovators who will carry public-service journalism into the future. In VCU's Robertson School of Media and Culture, I teach courses ranging from our introductory mass comm class to a graduate seminar in data journalism and visualization. I also serve as the school's director of undergraduate studies. Moreover, as a Fulbright scholar and newsroom trainer, I have worked with journalism students and practitioners in Asia, Eastern Europe and Latin America and across the United States.

Teaching at VCU
International Work

Text me at 804-519-1062. Or call my office – 804-827-0253

Email – it's the best way to get my attention.

Facebook – but I don't share a lot of personal stuff. I use FB mostly for publishing work produced by my classes, such as VCU Capital News Service and VCU Data Journalists.


I'm @jcsouth on Twitter. But as with Facebook, I use Twitter mostly as a news publishing/engagement tool for courses like VCU Capital News Service (@vcucns).


Via YouTube and Google Hangouts, I bring a lot of virtual guest speakers into my classes. For my Science Journalism course, for example, speakers included Virginia Hughes of BuzzFeed, Michelle Nijhuis of The New York Times and John Horgan of Scientific American.

PYMLON: Posts You Might Like (Or Not)

Course evaluations, yearning to be free

Why I am making my student evals public, and maybe you should, too.

As a journalist and journalism teacher, I am a champion of transparency and the public’s right to know. I routinely have my students write and submit requests to government agencies for documents and data under the Freedom of Information Act.

But students can't FOIA one set of documents that they may really want to peruse: course evaluations. Students can never learn how schoolmates have rated a class or a teacher: whether their peers considered the course easy or demanding, worthwhile or worthless; whether they gave the instructor thumbs up, thumbs down or just meh.

So I am posting the evals from my courses for the past two years, along with contextual information. Read why on Medium.

Confessions and Apologies

VCU Capital News Service reporters respond to President Trump’s tweet calling the news media ‘the enemy of the American People!”

In CNS, we are aghast that we have been exposed. So we all are coming clean. We are offering the kind of apologies that China requires reporters to make when a news story upsets the government there. Here goes.

Thoughts on data journalism for W&L

I’ve been invited to Washington & Lee University on Wednesday to talk about data journalism. Here’s an outline.

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